Friday, June 29, 2012

Clarirvoyance or Psychic? Are they the same thing?

The meaning of Psychic & Clairvoyant:

The word psychic comes from the Greek word ‘psych’ which means to see. The word Clairvoyant also means to see. So in essence, to be a psychic or clairvoyant reader is pretty much the same thing.  Psychics and clairvoyants can work with or without tarot cards. The clairvoyant and psychic powers come straight from their own intuitive ability to see.

Often the word Clairvoyant is used to describe someones abilities in general terms. In addition to "seeing" they may also be able to hear (clairaudient), Know (claircognizance) and Clear feeling (clairsentience). 

Psychic is the buzz word this week on LIVE with Kelly!   

Does everyone have these abilities? 
I believe that we are all born with the ability to have the internal navigation system of knowing in our gut, or getting that gut feeling.  Many people chose to be mindful of it and follow it, while others choose to ignore it. The ability is, in my opinion, much like a muscle that needs to be worked and used.  Use it or loose it.  You don't usually hear someone say, I followed my gut feeling and I was wrong.  Usually it is just the opposite! "I wish I had listened to my gut!"
Who consults a clairvoyant or pyschic? 
Men, Women, young and older people check in with psychics for help or advice  making decisions about life issues, relationships or career changes.   

How do I choose someone?
Similarly to finding a dentist, hairstylist, chiropractor or physician ... Ask a friend for their recommendationIf that doesn't feel quite right, google psychic parties, see if someone in your area offers psychic parties and book one for fun!  You make a small investment and see for yourself with a short reading in a fun way.

How do I book a party?
Contact me with a date in mind, gather 6 or more friends if you can and we will plan it.  You can choose a theme if you want like an event ... graduation, wedding, or birthday!   If I can drive to your location within 4 hours I will do it, or I'll help you find someone in your area! I've got psychic friends all over the country!   If you have more questions, contact 4ClairsMarie!

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