Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dine with the Dead

The universe works in mysterious ways. I have been trying to arrange a trip back to the Midwest to meet a Facebook friend, Jonna the happy medium.  Life happens, and I have been unable to make the trip thus far.  However, a friend of mine Taimi Dunn Gorman has just published her book "Haunted Fairhaven."  The light bulb above my head went on. I contacted Taimi about having our own version of dinner with the dead in one of the many spirited, haunted places in Fairhaven located in the neighborhood,  near the Alaskan Ferry Terminal in  Bellingham, Washington.

We plan to sell tickets to Dine with the Dead, spirits, orbs and energy at Skylarks Hidden Cafe.  Dates in September and October 2012.  be the first to know dates email here!

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Have a hauntingly good time in Fairhaven with dinner, a personal psychic reading, an autographed copy of “Haunted Fairhaven” and a talk about local ghosts by the author, Taimi Dunn Gorman.
Enjoy dinner at the award-winning restaurant, Skylarks Hidden CafĂ©, while hearing about the late-night adventures that took place while researching the fast-selling book, which includes the ghostly experiences in Skylarks. 
Nationally known psychic, Marie Matteson will do a psychic reading of each guest in privacy during the event.
Cost for the night of fun is $40, but does not include the cost of dinner or drinks.  Order what you wish off the menu.

Who knows,during the event,  we may even be able to photograph orbs near you! 


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